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Easter 2018 (3rd – 7th April) will see the 2018 cast of The Hereford Gang Show taking to the stage at The Courtyard with what producer Ian Strangward hopes will be the best one yet.

The first official Scout Gang Show was produced in London by Ralph Reader some 80 years ago; the Hereford show started in 1971. Ian says there is simply nothing else like it around – “it’s a variety show in the truest sense of the word. It’s two hours of pure fun, full of song, dance and comedy sketches for all the family to enjoy – there’s nothing quite like it around today.”

Early Gang Shows featured songs written by Ralph Reader himself, but today’s shows blend current pop hits with classic tunes from the past. The forthcoming show is no different. “We’ve got original sketches from local writers as well as one or two from the likes of Ronnie Corbett and Fry & Laurie too”, says Ian, who promises you’ll get plenty of opportunities to laugh during the evening!

With around 130 young people (some as young as 6) performing, Ian says you’re sure of one thing: “a great night out!”





They are now available from the Courtyard Centre For The Arts Hereford Box Office or below online