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Posted: December 20, 2015 at 9:42 pm

South Marches recently celebrated the achievements of many young people and adults in scouting from the age of 8 to very high!!  Awards which were presented to young people were the highest awards they could achieve in their section. Each and every reward recipient has demonstrated an immense commitment to Scouting and are the embodiment of our Scouting values of integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation.


To get the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award in the Beaver Section, young people have to complete the Creative Challenge, Fitness Challenge, Friendship Challenge, Global Challenge, Outdoor and Promise Challenge.

Bertie Beaver took the star role when he came into the room to present all the Beavers with their certificates for the Chief Scout Bronze Award.

Shown in the next paragraph are examples of how one Beaver colony completed this –

Personal Challenge : Attended St Georges Day Parade and carried our flag, kept a good turn diary, suggested games to play at a meeting,


Friendship: Held a fancy dress night for Children in Need, visited Hereford Fire Station, a guide dog and her handler visited the colony, visited Italy where we made pizzas, built the leaning tower of Pisa, held gondola races and learnt to say hello and thank you in Italian!


Fitness: Rugby training night, keep fit class, tasted lots of healthy foods, visited by a nurse who checked our pulses after exercise.


Creative: Made biscuits for Mothers Day, Learnt how to change torch batteries, made giant people out of junk, joined the Gang Show cast.


Global: brought in Fair trade products and looked on a world map to discover their air miles, took part in a wildlife conservation project, had a talk from our YL about his trip to Japan World Jamboree.


Outdoor: Bug Hunt in Haugh Woods, tracking in Queenswood, attended District Space themed sleepover, visited Warwick Castle and Techniquest, leant how to tie knots with strawberry laces.



To get the Chief Scout’s Silver and Chief Scout’s Gold Award, young people have to complete the same challenge areas to a higher standard. To get these awards a great deal of time and effort has been put in by each and every Cub or Scout. Each of the recipients will now go on to face further challenges, and hopefully they will be at another evening to celebrate further achievements.





To recognise the achievements of so many people in Scouting and the positive impact Scouting has in the community, local dignitaries attended, taking time out of their busy schedules, and some gave short motivational speeches to the parents, young people and adult volunteers. These were

Lady Darnley
High Sheriff of Hereford Edward Harley
Mr Bill Wigan, MP
The Right Honourable Mayor of Hereford Cllr Charles Nicholls

Chairman of Herefordshire County Council CLLR Brian Wilcox
Representatives of Hereford Rotary Club


Adults were receiving awards which show that they have reached a high standard in their training to deliver a program to young people to help them achieve their success.   The Wood Badge is a Scouting program of adult training in Scout Associations around the world. On completion, adults are awarded Wood Beads to recognise their significant achievement in leadership and direct service to young people.

There were also awards for long service which ranged from 5 years to an amazing 40 years in Scouting. The loudest cheer was raised when Mrs Pat Rusher, went up on stage to receive her award for 40 years in Scouting.

There would be no awards if our Adult Volunteers were not there to provide fun, challenge and adventure for our young people every week. Without their drive, enthusiasm and devotion there would be no awards, and they deserve a huge THANK YOU.


Adult volunteers are always needed – can you help make a difference?

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