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Posted: November 1, 2015 at 6:59 pm

The last 12 months at 1st Golden Valley, Madley have been exciting and challenging, to say the least.  TheAutumn term we focused on the Global Challenge, visiting BT’s Emergency Response Team, and looking at Shelterbox and how they assist in traumatic situations. Halloween was great fun, where we were joined by 22ndHereford, 1st Leominster, Fownhope and 1st Holmer, the Scouts hiked around the local area and were duly scared. Unfortunately the roof leaked on the second night at the village hall, and I had to phone parents very early in the morning, (I’m sorry) it was certainly an adventure, this years ’venue has a much better roof! In November we joined in with Remembrance Parade, parading from Madley Village Hall, to Madley Church with the Cubs and Beavers,everyone looked so smart. We also had a local expert come in to teach us how to make willow Christmas trees and Wreaths which we sold at the District Christmas Fayre to support Haarlem.

The Spring Term we concentrated on map skills with everyone achieving their Navigators, Guide and Local Knowledge Badges, we had a few hikes, Sugarloaf and Hay Bluff being two of them.  The Scouts completed stage 3 First Aid. We also celebrated other cultures with an Australian Night where we ate Crocodile, Shark, Kangaroo, and Ostrich J closely related to the Emu, we also ate Bugs and drank Spiders, afterwards playing cricket for the Golden Valley Ashes. We had a day caving with Hilston Park Outdoor Adventures, everyone got a tad damp, but had a wonderful time.

The Summer Term we were based at PJ’s compounding the map skills we learnt during the winter months in the hall, as well as knife skills where the young people carved soap, whittled wood and filleted fish,which they then went on to cook and eat. We looked at Water Conservation and had an extremely informative and interesting talk from Nigel. (Many Thanks) The Scouts joined in with many team building activities, and are extremely supportive of each other.  In the Community we participated in weed cleared and litter picked, with other community projects in the pipeline.  We also went to Acorn Adventure, Llangorse, where the Scouts did raft building,wall climbing and archery to name but a few. Scuba was just immense! I had a lovely email from Hereford Sub Aqua complimenting the Young People and saying what a joy it had been for them to work with, we have been welcomed back any time. Hats off to the Scouts, they deserve the praise.

8 members of the troop attended a 12day International Jamborette in Haarlem, Holland, the memories and friends they made will last a life time.

During the Summer holidays we went kayaking at Hereford Canoe Centre with a huge Thank you to Alan for organising,and 4 of the Scouts completed their Expedition Challenge. We have just helped raise funds for Madley Church by making and serving hot potato and leek soup and warming Autumn Vegetable soup, the young people also did a spot of backwoods cooking, serving sausages in bread twists and fruit bread.

If anyone is interested in joining Golden Valley Cubs or Scouts please contact Claire on 07717 478 272