Trustee Recruitment

You don’t have to work with young people to give them skills for life

Trustees play a key part in Scouts, and keep an eye on our vision. They make sure young people have the best experience at Scouts, and check things are being done safely and legally. Trustees are a team of volunteers who see the big picture, make decisions, and work together to help Scouts run smoothly. Trustees also support leaders to deliver a fantastic programme, while having a laugh, making new friends, and learning new skills themselves.

Our District Trustee Board

At Scouts South Marches we are looking to recruit members to our District Trustee Board. The Trustee Board is made up of a Chair, Treasurer, District Lead Volunteer, Youth Lead Volunteer, and Elected Trustees. The maximum number of Trustees on the board is 12. To allow the Board the flexibility to bring people in with particular skills and experience during the year (co-opted trustees), the Board have decided to seek to appoint 8 Trustees the 2024 AGM (including the roles of Chair and Treasurer). Each appointment is for an initial term of 12 months. In the event that more people volunteer than we need then an election will be held at the AGM.

Trusteeship is a legal responsibility and as such there are certain eligibility criteria. Before expressing an interesting have a look at our Trustee Declaration to check this is a role you are able to do.